The Weekly Weight Cycle


It seems that every Monday I wake up to find my weight has gone up over the weekend.  I can see from my graph that there is a weekly periodicity to it.  It makes sense that I eat more over the weekend and I know that I drink wine then, so I have clear contributing factors.  It is frustrating to see the pattern and I worry that it is the beginning of a relapse to bad habits and a return to my old weight.  I decided I need to break the pattern, so I have started an intermittent fast today.  I think once a week I will do a 24 hour fast.  No food until 8 PM.  My buddy the Media Addict at: has had good success with it and has put me on to some good resources.  This once a week fast will let me dip my big toe into the pool of Intermittent Fasting (IF).  Wish me luck.  One other big change this week has been to find sardines in olive oil.  It’s a great fat source for a meal that kills hunger for a long time.  Sardines are also delicious.  It’s high in Omega-3 fatty acids and they come in at around 265 calories for a tin.  I’ve been eating Wild Planet wild caught sardines lately and ordered this big box of them through Amazon for under $3 a tin:


BBQ Superfood

BBQ is not a superfood like blueberries or avocados are marketed,  but if you are eating out and want meat and veggies,  then it’s near perfect.  How did it get a bad reputation?
Part of the reason is that dietary cholesterol and saturated fat were unfairly villainized. We now know that cholesterol is largely produced in the liver as a response to inputs. You should eat a couple of eggs especially ones rich in omega-3.
Now that we know that cholesterol and fat aren’t the problem when eaten in the right amounts through the day, BBQ starts to look as well as taste great. This weekend I went to Texas Jack’s BBQ in Arlington, VA. I got a half pound of brisket, a quarter pound of pulled pork, and some Brussel sprouts. The hidden surprise of the meal were the siraccha pickles which were amazing. They were so crisp with a great blast of heat.

Afterwards, I felt great and didn’t get hungry again for a long time because the fat is slowly broken down. For now BBQ is going to be part of my diet a couple of times a week.

The Liquid Diet

Liquid diets can be controversial.  There are definitely a lot of fad diets out there that can hurt you.  You want your macronutrients to be where you want them while trying to lose weight on a liquid diet.  No protein for a long period of time can be very injurious to your health.  If you are active at all and want to go the gym, then you need protein.  It can work to go very low protein if you just sit around and don’t break down any muscle.  I think keeping modest protein levels 60g-70g/day and exercising is the way to go.  A liquid diet worked for me.  It was doctor recommended and had the vitamins and minerals needed to function. I know there are a lot people that freak out at the thought of not consuming any solid food, but you quickly get used to it and you don’t feel as bloated.  My mental state changed for the better as well.  Cheers!


Holding Steady, Have I Plateaued


I’ve been pretty active this week including my first boxing class at a new gym Sunday that kicked my butt.  I’ve been eating more though including some great BBQ ribs at Backyard BBQ in Falls Church after the class and a steak with eggs last night at my favorite Mexican place.  I’ve managed to stay no sugar, low carb, but I did have some refried beans with the steak last night.  I was still slow carbing it though, so I feel good about how I’m eating, but my weight has been holding steady this week.  In these spots, the first thing I think about is whether this is a cause for alarm.  I’m still running at a caloric deficit, so I can expect to be losing weight.  I think the key is to stay strong and keep doing the right thing even as I hit a plateau.  I’m sure this is a topic I will return to in the future.

Before and After Weight Loss

Here I am at my start a few years ago in the vicinity of 240 lbs. and more recently on the day I dropped under 200 lbs.before and afterI have other pictures, but let’s stick with these for now.  A big change is that I don’t have a fat face anymore.  I hated looking at pictures and seeing myself with a spreading neck.  It is vain on some level to critique your little faults and try and improve them, but a great positive feedback that I get is when people compliment me and notice a change.  If you can eat a little better and become active right away, then people will notice a glow about you and will comment within the first couple of weeks.

What Is Measured Is Known And Changed

The start to my journey was buying a scale and measuring my weight everyday.  Weight is not necessarily the best metric, but it’s quick and repeatable.  Every morning in boxers and a t-shirt, I get on the scale.  Eventually, I think I will move on to also measuring circumference at key points around the body, but for now weight is a good metric and I recommend that you measure it (or something similar like waist size) too. I started out at 240 lbs. at the start of 2014.  I went down to 225 lbs by the start of 2016 by cutting down on carbohydrate and how often I went out on the weekends.  Eating pizza late at night after a night out is one of the worst things you can do.  I had plateaued for months and was slipping back to eating bread and some chips at Mexican restaurants even though I knew they were counter to my weight loss goals.

The big change came at the start of 2016 when I started to actually log my weight and everything I ate.  I recommend the free MyFitnessPal app.wp-1460397626910.jpg

After a month of tracking and modest weight loss, I went to my doctor who offered me a custom liquid shake diet that he had come up with.  I had shown him by my logging that I can stick to a plan if I decide to do it.  He put me on a 600 calorie a day diet that included 60 grams of protein.  I probably was a little heavy on the shake scoops so let’s call it 700 calories a day.  I went on the diet at the beginning of February and right away I saw results.  I lost 9 pounds in the first week and didn’t look back.  I would actually eat a dinner meal 3 days a week for the first month.  This is what gave rise to the oscillating shape with a week period in the graph above.  I know feel and look much better and am looking to measure even more and kick this up into overdrive where I am not just going for weight loss, but for an ideal body.

How I Lost Weight and Hope to Keep It Off


Hi, my name is Franklin and this is my blog on losing weight and keeping it off.  The goal of everything we do should be to lead a happy life.  To keep the mind clear, a healthy body is really helpful.  I managed to get out of shape, but I lucked out and did not suffer any consequences (that I know about).  This blog is documenting my journey to good health and how I stay there.  I hope that it gives some helpful lessons through my mistakes and successes that will help you achieve health in body and mind as well.  Also, I will share a few great meals that I have when I eat out and what I did to keep them healthy.