Holding Steady, Have I Plateaued


I’ve been pretty active this week including my first boxing class at a new gym Sunday that kicked my butt.  I’ve been eating more though including some great BBQ ribs at Backyard BBQ in Falls Church after the class and a steak with eggs last night at my favorite Mexican place.  I’ve managed to stay no sugar, low carb, but I did have some refried beans with the steak last night.  I was still slow carbing it though, so I feel good about how I’m eating, but my weight has been holding steady this week.  In these spots, the first thing I think about is whether this is a cause for alarm.  I’m still running at a caloric deficit, so I can expect to be losing weight.  I think the key is to stay strong and keep doing the right thing even as I hit a plateau.  I’m sure this is a topic I will return to in the future.

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