New Measurements and a Better Crunch

In an effort to measure stats other than weight that I am interested in, I have decided to measure some key areas.  The one that I am most concerned about it getting the sttomach circumference to be reduced.  Stomach is 40″ around at the navel with a t-shirt on.  Left bicep is 13.5″ around at the center.  Left thigh is 22.5″ around.  Waist is 37″ with clothes on.  Wrist is 7″ around. Hip circumference is 40.5″ with clothes on.

I an effort to tighten the stomach I have been doing two new exercises for the abs every day.  I bought a BOSU Ball: and have started doing the myotatic crunch.  It involves sitting on the ball with your hands stretched out above you and then leaning back to touch your fingers on the floor to a count of 4.  Then straight back up to perpendicular and repeat for 10 times.  I have also been doing an exercise where I sit on all fours and then exhale completely.  I pull my belly button up inside me with my muscles as hard as I can for 12 seconds.  Exhale twice and then repeat on the second exhale for 10 reps.  My weight has stabilized and I’m happy about that, but am looking to start a protocol to get a slow reduction down to the low 180s.


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