Good Fats, Bad Fats, Smart Fats, Body Fat

Fat has been vilified in this country.  It has been come clear from the literature that good fats are key to proper nutrition.  Many people have reported that it has been much easier to achieve and maintain a goal weight when processed carbohydrate has been given up and good fats are consumed instead.  How can you get good fats?  Using olive oil instead of hydrogenated vegetable (really seed) oils is one way.  I have been feeling much better since I have taken to using olive oil to cook things such as zucchini which I turn into zoodles as detailed in an earlier post.  Overall, I’m on track to get  to 180 lbs. which is my goal weight currently.  It was 200 lbs. at the beginning of the year, but I hit that easily.  I’m down after the weekend for the first time all year.


I wonder if it’s just a fluke or if it’s because I consciously ate better this weekend.  I was going out, but ate a meal at home before hand on both Friday and Saturday.  I will leave you with this quote that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately:

“People say that what we are seeking is a meaning for life.  I don’t think this is what we’re really seeking.  I think  what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.”  – Joseph Campbell

Ultimately, I think the purpose of endeavors such as this blog is to share knowledge with others and generate an experience of purpose greater than ourselves.  I know that I feel like I’m living life more fully now that I have lost weight and feel healthier.



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