Constructive Feedback

Lately,  I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments on the weight I’ve lost so far. It has gotten me thinking about how important constructive feedback is to your general health.  We are social animals and having our positive behaviors be reinforced ultimately makes behavioral change much easier.  I have decided to try and compliment friends of mine whenever they make any positive change in their lives.  I feel as if the positive vibes I put out to others will return to me many times over.  My weight is holding steady at 192 lbs after a long and heavy Memorial Day weekend.  However, I have bought some new shorts that are 2 sizes smaller (4 inches) around the waist and already they are sliding down.  I started doing squats last week to go with my new lifting protocol in part to try and build up my gluteus maximus. More on the new lifting regime is to come.

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