I am going strong this year without carbohydrates.  I typically keep under 50 g of carbs a day and many days I am under 25 g.  I think men can handle a persistent very low carb lifestyle better than women from the research that I have read.  The bottom line is that I feel great, but I do miss bread and pasta.  A delicious plate of pasta with a nice red will call to me from time to time.  I feel like I can’t even step inside an Italian restaurant.  The gelato alone would be calling to me from the freezer case.
A big advance that I have made lately is to start making my own noodles from zucchini squash.  You will need a spiralizer.  I got mine from CVS for $15.  Heat a pan with extra virgin olive oil on Med-High heat for a couple minutes and use the spiralizer on the pasta. Put the zoodles (zucchini noodles) into the pan for four minutes and turn often:


You can go down to Med heat after you get cooking.  I heat up some marinara at the same time.  I have been really digging Uncle Steve’s Arrabiata: http://unclestevesny.com/product/arrabiata-sauce/.  It has some kick and tastes super fresh and healthy.
Take the noodles off the stove and add the sauce:


It feels like you are getting away with something.  It really tastes that good.  When I used to eat pasta,  I would usually feel tired afterwards as I came down off the blood sugar high from the processed carbohydrates.  Now I don’t feel that at all.  I just feel great.  I ended up pairing my zucchini noodles with some pork ribs and had a wonderful dinner:


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