5×5 workout

Body weight is determined by your diet.  It is around a 80-20 split between diet and exercise in determining your weight.  Yes, if you go crazy with cardio and never let up you can get away with eating bad food consistently.  I am doing the opposite and eating right, but I am exercising too.  I consistently walk for about an hour a day in total and S Health on my phone monitors it for me.  The main area that I have been working on has been in resistance training in the gym.  I am trying to up strength while keeping a slight downward trend in weight.  So far it has been working.  I have kept under 190 for about two weeks now and my lifts are slowly going up.  I am doing a simple routine that takes about 30 minutes twice a week.  It is a combination of machines and free weights.  It’s four exercises for 5 sets of 5 reps each.  I start with 5 sets of 5 reps of squats using two 55 lb. dumbbells.  I alternate those sets with one arm bent over rows using a 55 lb. dumbbell using a bench.  I count my breathing one on an inhale and two on an exhale up to 30 in between reps. After the squats and rows, I go to the leg press machine and have moved up to 5 sets of 5 reps at 330 lbs. (the max is 350 lbs.) up from 270 lbs. when I started a few weeks ago.  I attempted 350 lbs. for the first set today and it was too much.  After squats, I move to the fly machine and dot 5×5 at 150 lbs.  I have steadily been moving up at the fly from around 90 lbs. as I am somewhat double jointed at the shoulder.  I have been really happy with my progress and I feel like in the months since I started this 5×5 routine, I have been getting way more compliments on how I look.  The goal is get my metabolism burning more fuel so that I can chow down on some healthy proteins and fats and not have to worry about counting calories too closely.  I am logging everything on MyFitnessPal.  Logging has been giving me a good intuition on how many calories are in standard things I eat which makes me very positive for my future.

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