Meditation, Self-Esteem, and Focus

I have mostly written about my physical body so far.  The mind is what is driving the body, so if it isn’t focused then any practice that you are trying to implement on the body will be half-assed.  About four months ago, I started meditating daily in the morning.  I use the app Headspace which provides good instruction.  Doing it first thing in the morning gives me a goal that I accomplish every day.  Headspace starts out just building a meditation routine for you, but then it transitions to working on specific skill sets.  I am working through the Focus pack right now and have been noticing some benefits.  The goal is to slowly extend the time I can work on any one task without a loss of focus.  Since going to a sugar/carb free diet, my short term memory has improved and with the addition of a mindfulness, I feel that my future productivity will continue to increase.

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