The Liquid Diet

Liquid diets can be controversial.  There are definitely a lot of fad diets out there that can hurt you.  You want your macronutrients to be where you want them while trying to lose weight on a liquid diet.  No protein for a long period of time can be very injurious to your health.  If you are active at all and want to go the gym, then you need protein.  It can work to go very low protein if you just sit around and don’t break down any muscle.  I think keeping modest protein levels 60g-70g/day and exercising is the way to go.  A liquid diet worked for me.  It was doctor recommended and had the vitamins and minerals needed to function. I know there are a lot people that freak out at the thought of not consuming any solid food, but you quickly get used to it and you don’t feel as bloated.  My mental state changed for the better as well.  Cheers!


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