The Weekly Weight Cycle


It seems that every Monday I wake up to find my weight has gone up over the weekend.  I can see from my graph that there is a weekly periodicity to it.  It makes sense that I eat more over the weekend and I know that I drink wine then, so I have clear contributing factors.  It is frustrating to see the pattern and I worry that it is the beginning of a relapse to bad habits and a return to my old weight.  I decided I need to break the pattern, so I have started an intermittent fast today.  I think once a week I will do a 24 hour fast.  No food until 8 PM.  My buddy the Media Addict at: has had good success with it and has put me on to some good resources.  This once a week fast will let me dip my big toe into the pool of Intermittent Fasting (IF).  Wish me luck.  One other big change this week has been to find sardines in olive oil.  It’s a great fat source for a meal that kills hunger for a long time.  Sardines are also delicious.  It’s high in Omega-3 fatty acids and they come in at around 265 calories for a tin.  I’ve been eating Wild Planet wild caught sardines lately and ordered this big box of them through Amazon for under $3 a tin:


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